Get Tidus’ Brotherhood Sword In Mobius Final Fantasy


001So far, we’ve seen various jobs and Summoned Beasts in Square Enix’s upcoming smartphone game, Mobius Final Fantasy, and 4Gamer shows how the game will also have a little more from the series, starting with an early registration bonus item.



The above is a look at Tidus’ signature “Brotherhood” weapon from Final Fantasy X, which players can get by registering their accounts early. This weapon can be equipped by Warrior-type jobs, and is said to be a quite powerful one that will help you along your journey.


Not only is it a pretty sweet-looking weapon, but it comes equipped with an auto-ability called “Fight For Special Attack Meter Up,” which basically increases your special attack parameters even more for than usual for each time you use a regular attack.



Additionally, players can get an “Elixir” by registering on the Square Enix Member’s website. These items recover your in-game stamina used to play the game.


While Mobius Final Fantasy has various features from the Final Fantasy series, and also looks like it will have familiar weapons similar to what we’ve seen in Final Fantasy Record Keeper, it has its own story where you, the hero, will save the planet alongside a Moogle friend. You can read more about it in our earlier report.


Mobius Final Fantasy will launch in Japan in Spring 2015 for iPhone and Android. You can sign up for an early registration for the Japanese version of the game, here.

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