Get To Grips With Zangeki Warp’s “Slashing Warp” With Its Pre-Release Demo



Astro Port has released a demo for its upcoming horizontal 2D shmup Zangeki Warp (thanks RetroManiac). You can download it for free on – note that Chrome and Firefox may say the file is harmful (it isn’t).


As Siliconera covered previously, Zangeki Warp is set in 2054 at a time when a mad scientist called Dr. Benomiya has engineered space monsters to put an end to galactic civilization. You head out to his fortress in a mecha to put an end to his plans by slaying his grotesque army.


ss1_2 ss2_3

While Zangeki Warp may play similar to many shmups, especially Astro Port’s previous entries in the genre, its central mechanic sets it apart somewhat. It’s a “slashing warp” that lets you pass through walls and destroy enemies that you pass through.


Other weapons you have to hand include a shockwave, a decoy to distract enemies, and an “omega crash” that annihilates practically everything on screen by sending out a cluster of explosives.


ss4_2 ss5_1

You can find out more about Zangeki Warp on its website.

Chris Priestman