Get To Know Phantom Of The Kill’s New “Killer Princes”



Gumi America has revealed more details about the new “Killer Princes” that will star in the international version of turn-based strategy-RPG Phantom of the Kill.


Previously, we got to meet Zero, the new male hero, but now we can get to know his squad that travel around with him. Details are below.



  • Longinus – A Killer Prince manifest from a legendary lance, Longinus is driven by his desire to seek his own true strength on the battlefield. He is an unorthodox ascetic who only places his faith in words of his choosing, and no weaknesses will hold him back.



  • Yata no Kagami – Stoic at heart, gun mage Yata no Kagami is devoted to honesty and the pursuit of truth. He detests the vague and unclear, and prefers everything to be matter-of-fact, which makes sense as he is the manifestation of a holy mirror that unveiled a legendary sun goddess.


  • Gambanteinn – Easy-going and mysterious, those around Gambanteinn can never tell what he is thinking. He is the manifestation of the staff said to have been wielded by the All-Father Odin. This history may be the source of his confident and nonchalant attitude towards combat. In battle he does indeed dodge every blow, seemingly taking no damage at all.


You can pre-register for Phantom of the Kill over on its website in order to receive in-game rewards that will be announced soon.

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