Get To Know Where You Are In Dragomon Hunter With Its Interactive World Map



Aeria Games has updated the Dragomon Hunter website with an interactive world map that lets you preview each zone in the upcoming monster-hunting MMORPG.


You can see the map right here (scroll down a bit). If you click on the flags marking each zone you’ll be given a brief description of it and get to view a gallery of screenshots taken around the place.


Right in the center you’ll see Elysium, which is the starting point for all players in Dragomon Hunter, and the game’s largest city. “Throughout their journey, players will travel to exotic areas like Frostbite Forest, where icy paths can easily lead hunters astray, and Echo Mine, a rain-washed locale overrun with territorial Dragomon,” adds Aeria.


What you can’t get out of these zone previews are the types of monsters you might find there. Altogether there are over 100 different types to hunt down, fight, tame, and ride in Dragomon Hunter. It’s coming to North America and Europe in both English and French this fall.

Chris Priestman