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Get Vergil’s Costume From Devil May Cry 3 With Sengoku Basara 4 Preorders


    We should have known this would happen for a big-name release like Sengoku Basara 4. The game has just announced its line-up of bonuses for those preordering the game and its limited editions.


    First up there’s an artbook featuring the various commanders players can choose from. It’ll include producer notes and a rundown of the characters that show up, along with sketches and interviews.


    Then, there’s the beautiful storyboard book, which covers the various combination attack calligraphy moments and far more cool *SPOILER BOMB* ending scene storyboards.



    The limited edition will also include special custom front jackets for the game covers.


    If you pick up the pre-order at select shops, similar to Danganronpa and Hatsune Miku there will be something special waiting for you if you purchase from different stores. Fortunately this time, it’s limited to just six different sets of costumes. You’ll also get Date Masamune’s practice gear for pre-ordering anywhere. Also of note—you don’t necessarily have to buy the limited edition to get these, just pre-order them at the right place.


    It also appears you’ll get a unique front-cover jacket to go with your piece of special downloadable outfit.



    Gamers who go to Edion or Joshin Denki get arguably the best deal—a costume that swaps Ishida Mitsunari’s outfit with Vergil’s from Devil May Cry 3.


    Softmap, Bic Camera, Tsutaya and Kojima all get the kung-fu fighting (I called it first: Year of the practice gear) Paired Katana Kung-Fu outfit for Shima Sakon.


    Furuhon Marketplace and Amazon get Shibata Katsuie’s Absolute Justice gear.



    GEO has my favorite character Sanada – “BOSSSSSS!!!!” – Yukimura gets his own take on chief rival Date Masamune’s Blue Lightning outfit.



    Tokugawa Ieyasu will have a jock-ready fight on his hands with the School Basara outfit if you pick the game up from the e-Capcom shop or Yodobashi Camera.


    And finally, Loppi (AKA Lawson’s)/HMV has the beautiful, deadly, and brand new Ii Naotora, who we should remind you is apparently a full-on anti-male leader in… a wedding dress. Ah, Japan, completely disregarding everything you read about a character’s backstory.


    Sengoku Basara 4 will be out for PlayStation 3 January 23rd next year.


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