Xbox 360

Get Xbox Live Arcade Codes From Siliconera Special Offers


image Hi everyone! ( ^_^)/ I’m here to introduce Siliconera Special Offers where you can get prizes for completing web offers!


Get Xbox Live Arcade codes, Points, and DSis from us! All you have to do is sign up and try things such as Netflix. New subscribers get a code for an Xbox Live Arcade game of their choice from Amazon’s Xbox Live Arcade Store. (^▽^)


Refer five friends about the Netflix promotion and you get a 1600 points card. If you’re a social networking star and spread the word to a hundred friends you get 19x 1600 points cards and ( ゚ Д゚) a Nintendo DSi!


Siliconera Special Offers opens today as a beta. We’re looking to expand it with other offers. Wii stuff. PlayStation stuff. More gaming stuff. Got questions? Contact me at: [email protected]. I’ll be on the admin side to sending you, you, and the person behind you prizes. (^_^)v