Be A Ghost Controlling Your Zombified Body In Over My Dead Body



Over My Dead Body is a single player co-op game with an unusually morbid set-up.


It’s not like in Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons in which you control, well, two brothers on one gamepad, or the upcoming RESET in which you travel through time to co-operate with your past selves. No, in this game you’re a dead woman’s ghost working with her own zombified body.


It’s set in a corporation-ruled future, kicking off when Noël learns that her healthcare research has been re-purposed as a weapon by her employer, Mortiga Consolidated. She protests the corporation’s actions against her, who then decide to experiment on her, and then leave her for dead.


When Noël miraculously awakens, she discovers that she’s not dead, but undead. She’s now a ghost and has complete control over her dead body. You have to control both of these bodies at the same time while trying to exact revenge on Mortiga Consolidated.


What this results in is a puzzle-action game in which you use one thumbstick to control the ghost and the other to control the zombie body. Ghost Noël can pass through walls, interact with machinery, and spook people. While Zombie Noël is able to engage in combat and push heavy objects, but she will get distracted.


You can find out more about Over My Dead Body over on its development log and download the game for free here.

Chris Priestman