Ghost in the Shell Online Will Launch In North America First



Nexon and Neople are currently working on Ghost in the Shell Online, an online FPS that boasts a system with over 5,000 different mixes for cyborg customizations. 4Gamer shares the latest teaser trailer from the game, along with some quotes from the developers at Neople.



While most of the video shows the developers talking a little bit about the game in Korean, you can catch a few glimpses of the action like the support feature shown at the 1:46 mark of the video, where they show a cyborg helping out in the battle.


“We put in a lot of effort into reproducing the attractive world setting [of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex] in the game,” said project director Jung Ik Choi. “In order to bring a more realistic feeling to damage, we’re placing great importance ion things such as part destruction.”


“To better express the reality of an actual battlefield, we went to the deserts of the Nevada in the United States, so we could get detailed recordings of the sound of gunshots,” added sound director Sun Joong Kim.


Finally, Neople general producer In Lee stated, “As Neople’s first FPS, this is a project in which we have a lot of pride. While the first tests will take place in South Korea, we plan to advance to a global release, and the actual service will start with North America.”


Ghost in the Shell Online is in development for PC.

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