Ghost Song Is Looking Like This Year’s Big Indie Metroidvania


If last year’s big indie metroidvania was Axiom Verge, then 2016’s will likely end up being Ghost Song, providing one-man team Matt White can get it finished and released.


Like Axiom Verge, Ghost Song is a 2D sci-fi game that was born out of its creator’s desire for a Metroidlike game. It started out life in 2012, proved very successful on Kickstarter, and has grown in ambition ever since.


You can see the latest footage from Ghost Song in the new video above. Specifically, it shows footage from one of the tougher areas in the game, Centaur Lab 2.


Ghost Song takes place on a mysterious and treacherous moon called Lorian V. Its main character heads there on an emotional quest to try to find closure for themselves and the people they love. Approximately half of the game’s world is optional but exploration is, of course, encouraged.


You can find out more about Ghost Song, as well as pre-order it for PC at $15, on its website.

Chris Priestman