GiAnt – A Huge First Person Adventure For A Tiny Ant



After a mix-up at birth, players will find themselves playing as Adam, an ant charged with collecting valuable food and sweets from the most dangerous, complex places in GiAnt, a platforming adventure from an ant’s perspective out now on Steam.




Adam is in a dangerous position in this first person puzzle platformer. He’s not the only one on the lookout for sweets, and will find himself in constant danger from wasps, spiders, rats, flies, cockroaches, and, of course, humans. He will have to keep on the move to avoid them, and all the while solving environmental puzzles that will help him reach the next treat on his radar (AntDar, as it’s called).




Adam isn’t alone, as other ants from the colony will give him useful hints and items, or even help him cross difficult gaps with ant bridges. If they aren’t around, Adam can still pick up various power-ups to help him out, gaining super speed, high jumps, and temporary invincibility to help him get through tough spots.

Alistair Wong
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