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Girls’ Fashion Shoot Director Says More Games For Women Are On The Way


After Style Savvy: Trendsettters, North America and Europe recently received another 3DS fashion-simulation game in Girls’ Fashion Shoot by Alchemist. Following that, according to director Shigenobu Urano’s recent talk with 4Gamer, Alchemist are currently working on another title for women.


“I’d like to start out by saying thank you for always supporting Alchemist,” says Urano in the 4Gamer report. He then goes on say that he believes he hasn’t been able to fully satisfy the readers of the article in question.


“In the midst of this, next year, we’re planning on more titles, including one with a story of a magical world, and another one for women,” Urano shares.


“Again, I might not be able to meet the expectations of 4Gamer’s readers with just that, but I’ll give it my all and do my best!! And also, don’t worry, there are also plenty of other Alchemist titles you readers like, so please look forward to it!”


Alchemist have published a wide range of Nintendo 3DS titles aimed at women in Japan, and Girls’ Fashion Shoot is just one of these. Another one that recently caught our attention was Model Stylish Audition: Dream Girl. Rising Star have not yet announced if they plan to release this game in the west.

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