Girls’ Frontline Kicked Off a New Major Update With Operation: Isomer

Dolls Frontline

Mobile strategy game Girls’ Frontline has just dropped a new, major update in the form of a story event: Operation: Isomer. While most events for the game take the form of non-canon excursions or crossover events, like the DJMAX Respect event, Isomer is the latest story-focused update, following Operation: Continuum Turbulence from earlier in 2020.

Operation: Isomer places Girls’ Frontline players in control of parallel narrative paths, each following a different group of characters. One follows the player Commander and the android T-Dolls of Griffin & Kryuger as they work in the Serbian city of Belgrade, under orders from the New Soviet Union. The second and third paths follow the separated members of Task Force DEFY, one pair being ST AR-15 and AN-94, and M4A1 and team leader Angelia making up the other. The event promises new battles, revelations about the mysterious white-armored faction that showed up in Continuum Turbulence, and even a motorcycle-riding mini-game. Check out a trailer for the event from the Chinese version:

Players will need to play event maps to gather up Intel Points that they can use to unlock nodes on each path. Each node contains story cutscenes and combat maps that can be played and replayed for rewards ranging from resources to new T-Dolls. Players that complete the whole storyline will receive a “True Core Mask” item that can be exchanged for one of a large selection of Girls’ Frontline 5-Star T-Dolls. Other new T-Dolls, like the handguns HS2000 and P22, are awarded by farming the combat maps, or via free Event Crates that can be opened for random rewards.

One new development in the event flow is the addition of  difficulty settings to each combat mission. Responding to feedback that previous story events such as Operation: Singularity and Continuum Turbulence were too difficult for new or more casual Girls’ Frontline players to complete, developer Mica Team has added Normal, Hard, and EX difficulties to each battle. Higher-difficulty nodes will increase the rewards and test the echelons of even veteran players.

Girls’ Frontline is available on iOS and Android devices. Its Operation: Isomer event will run until August 3, 2020.

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