Give Up Your Humanity In Bravely Default Developer’s Dark Fantasy RPG



    Bravely Default developers Silicon Studio have just released a new smartphone card game called Diabolos: Tears of Sorrow. This card-based dark fantasy RPG sees players pick from one of three shrine maidens such as Mika to fight alongside with to destroy the demons plaguing the land.


    We’re not sure how it works out, but in order to control the deck of creatures you’ll also need to become a demon yourself. Such is the price you’ll pay, but in return you’ll gain considerable power, able to take on the madness that walks the realm and protect your chosen heroine.



    As you travel across the world smacking demons and making a name for yourself, you’ll have to grow your relationship with your chosen shrine maiden, who will be able to change her costume and this will eventually affect her mannerisms towards you apparently. There are raids which will use BP (Battle Points) as well as Guild Battles.



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    Diabolos: Tears of Sorrow is out now on iOS and Android.



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