GMO’s CryptoChips Will Be The First Service That Lets You Earn Bitcoin Via Playing Games


cryptochips 2

Back in the end of May, GMO Internet Group announced that it is setting up CryptoChips, a service that will award players Bitcoin based on completing missions and ranking highly in their games.


The service is meant to be something like “secret pocket money” remuneration for players, and is part of GMO’s initiative to expand its cryptocurrency business. CryptoChips will initially support Bitcoin.


whimsical war


The first game that has been announced to support CryptoChips is GMO’s Whimsical War, a real-time territorial battle game where decisions on where to place characters is key. Bitcoin will be distributed according to player rankings in August 2018, and soon CryptoChips services will be added to other GMO titles as well. GMO also plan on adding it to games made by other companies.

Alistair Wong
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