Coming out on June 22nd is Magical Vacation: 5-tsu no Hoshi ga Narabu toki (When the five stars line up) a touch screen RPG developed by Brownie Brown who developed Sword of Mana. In the game you can use the bottom screen to move your party around and tap on characters to activate spells. Nintendo announced that they will publish this in North America sometime in Q4 2006. Madeleine, a respected and powerful teacher at Will O’ Wisp magical academy, tells her students that she will undertake a dangerous mission in space and trains them for combat should the need arise. After not hearing from her for some time, the kids stumble upon a hangar of rocket ships. One by one, they board individual ships and crash-land on distant planets alone. The player hops from planet to planet assembling the group of classmates. Once together, they learn of an evil sorcerer – a former student of the academy who now has ambitions to destroy reality – and set out to stop him.


Check out this video to see more of the game in action. Also check out this video that shows off the DS download stations in Japan.

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