PlayStation 4

Go On A VR Date With Shining Resonance Heroine Kirika Starting July 11



The Shining series is finally coming Westward with Shining Resonance Refrain tomorrow, and Japan is getting something else with VR Figure from Shining for PS VR.



While you’ll get to check out a date with Shining Resonance’s Kirika, the game isn’t exactly a VR dating sim. It’s mostly a VR model viewer that lets you check out Kirika from all angles in “Figure Viewing Mode.”



As for the dating parts, it’s part of a bonus mode called “Event Viewing Mode” that lets you experience a date in VR with Kirika as if you’re in the game yourself.


VR Figure from Shining releases in Japan on July 11, 2018 for PlayStation VR on the PlayStation Store. It’ll be available for 926 yen.

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