Goat Punks – Aggressive Multiplayer Mountain Climbing With Well-Armed Wildlife



Four players will try to scale around tall mountains, misshapen skyscrapers, and towering heights, fighting off all comers once they reach the top in silly multiplayer game Goat Punks.




Players will choose one of nine types of silly goats, then head to one of the game’s tall places. Each can be scaled by leaping to the various outcroppings all along it, circling around them as you try to be the first to reach the top. Jumping to new places is a snap as well, as the goat will automatically go to the next position the player directs them to.


However, should another player be up at the top firing missiles down, that can make things difficult. The goat on top is able to launch weapons down at the other goats, having to spin the tower around while moving a reticule to take aim, hitting the goats who might knock them from the top. Should a goat get hit, they will tumble far down and have to climb again. If they make it, a single touch is enough to send the goat at the top falling back down.




Goat Punks currently features nine stages and the one game mode at this time. Online multiplayer modes are currently in beta, but four player local co-op is available now with the game’s Early Access release.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!