Goat Simulator Is Now Making Fun Of Zombie Survival Games



After poking fun at fantasy MMOs with its last DLC, Goat Simulator is now turning its bearded head of mockery at survival games. Especially ones with zombies. And specifically DayZ and Rust.


Its latest DLC is called GoatZ. It’s out May 7th for PC and smartphones and costs $4.99. Inside, you get one full map full of flesh-eating zombies. You can do as you wish but there is an optional Survival Mode in which “you have to eat every damn five minutes to survive because Dean Hall & Garry Newman said so,” so says Goat Simulator creator Coffee Stain Studios.



Also part of the mockery of survival games is the crafting system. It lets you bring items to it in order to form weapons and nonsense items that you can have fun with. You can turn a gumball machine into a gun, for example, or make a campfire and a home out of wooden sticks.


Other chaos that the trailer above reveals includes fire-breathing elephants, fairground mini-games, and bombs disguised as bags of flour. There are also lots of playable goats to unlock that each have special powers. It does, of course, also contain lots of bugs that have been deliberately left in for the sake of humor.

Chris Priestman