Goblin Sword Delivers Retro-Inspired Action Platforming For iOS



The two brother team Gelato Games has released its retro game-inspired action platformer Goblin Sword for iOS. You can purchase it for half its full price for a limited time.


Goblin Sword is a rare type of game on mobile. It’s a straight-up, no messing around old-school style fantasy platformer with light RPG elements. You have a sword, a double jump ability, and a load of secrets to find in each level.


Some of you may shy away at the virtual controls – two arrows for movement, and an A and B button – but they’re actually pretty spot on. Plus, if you don’t like them, they’re customizable so you should be able to find a set-up that works.


Each level in Goblin Sword should only take you a few minutes to complete, but it might take a few retries to get it right. Learning where enemies appear and how to deal with them is vital.  You’ll have witches and reapers flying in from above, boar knights that can’t be attacked upfront, and trolls that send out flames with their clubs.


You may also get sidetracked by collecting the three crystals in each level, and uncovering the false walls that lead to secrets. These often involve making tricky jumps over spikes and across crumbling platforms. It’s worth it, though, as you can find health upgrades and extra coins.


With the gold you collect, you can purchase new swords to increase your attack speed and damage, as well as armor and relics that have unique effects. With all that you should be able to take on the bosses, although really, it’s all about learning their attack patterns.


You can purchase Goblin Sword on the App Store right now for $0.99, but it will be going up to $1.99 shortly, so you might want to get it quick if you intend to.

Chris Priestman