Goblins & Grottos Is About A Monster Getting Revenge On A Lvl 100 Paladin



2D puzzle platformer Goblins & Grottos has players helping out a goblin against a level 100 paladin instead of the other way around.




After his family is killed by a high-level adventurer, the goblin of Goblins & Grottos sets out to make the experience-hungry wizards & warriors of the land pay for it. By using traps, solving puzzles, and generally outsmarting the ‘heros’, players can help the goblin get his revenge.



The game also features a built-in level editor for players who want to create their own stages filled with spike traps, loose boulders, explosive barrels, and stray anvils for their friends to kill people in.




Goblins & Grottos’ full release will be available on Steam on July 7.

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