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God Eater 2 Developers On Why Free DLC Is Important


    The developers of God Eater 2 have shared a lengthy blog post about why free downloadable content (DLC) is important to them. In the post, they talk about how the branding for both God Eater and Gods Eater Burst were slowly gained by improving the game over a long period of time. In the same vein, they said, they hope the free updates—which consist of new side missions, seasonal clothing’s, and of course bug fixing—will allow players to slowly get an ever-better game in their hands to play.


    They note there’s a reason to let players know about the free updates ahead of launch. It’s a hat tip to the players that helped spread the word about the game and its gameplay, and helped give the series the status it has today.


    While giving away free, high quality stuff doesn’t provide them with any profits, the developers hope it will allow players to “continue to be able to say the game is interesting”. They hope to see God Eater 2’s players smile despite the risks inherent in going free with their extra content.


    D’aww… Come and give me a hug.


    Errr… on second thought, maybe not.


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