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God Eater 2 To Give Away Some Previously Exclusive DLC For Free



To commemorate the release of God Eater 2’s “Best” version (Japanese equivalent of greatest hits), Bandai Namco are giving away DLC that was previously only available through original soundtracks and books. 4Gamer shares a look at what this covers.


With the cheaper retail version of God Eater 2 headed to stores in Japan on July 10th, Bandai Namco will simultaneously release the free DLC pack. The pack features the following Long Blade, Blast Gun, and Tower Shield:


003 004


The free DLC pack also features Yuno Ashihara’s extra epsiode.


007 008

Upon completion, players can acquire the material to make a special link support device.


And finally, it also includes costumes of the Fenrir special forces unit, Blood. Using the hairstyles that were included in the Ver. 1.40 update, you can actually make identical clones of those characters.


009 010


Gilbert’s costume.


013 014

Ciel’s costume.


Julius’ costume.


017 018

Nana’s costume.


020 021

Romeo’s costume.


God Eater 2 is currently available in Japan for PlayStation Vita and PSP. Localization has yet to be announced for North America or Europe.

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