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God Eater 2’s Online Multiplayer Patch Is Out Today



Bandai Namco previously shared that they’re working hard on the 1.40 patch for God Eater 2, that will bring an online multiplayer mode to the game. The new patch released earlier today, and 4Gamer shares a little more on what else it brings to the table for the players.


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The first new feature the patch adds is the “Survival Mission,” that will have you take on numerous missions in a row without returning back to base.


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Each player gets a “Durability” parameter, that goes down for each time they fall or respawn. Once this meter completely runs out, the player can no longer participate in the fight. This also applies to NPC characters. The meter increases after each mission completed.


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The between-missions interval allows players to switch equipment sets, but not restock on items; however, there will be healing items as rewards for beating the missions. Any other items acquired are sent to your storage upon completion of the mission.


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For God Eaters looking for a tougher challenge out there, a new feature called “Harder Challenges,” gives an option of increasing the difficulty levels of any mission up to level 99. Clearing missions at level 5, 10, 30, and 99, will have special T-shirts as rewards.


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The above is a look at the long-awaited online infrastructure mode. Rooms can be set with options for passwords, type, chat, and story progress. This feature is only available for the PlayStation Vita version of the game.


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Finally, here’s a look at five new hairstyles with Gilbert and Romeo for the guys, and Nana and Ciel for the girls. Julius’ hair can be used by both.

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