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God Eater 3 Changes Up The Custom Bullet System, Makes Battle And Camera Improvements


God Eater 3

During the God Eater live stream that took place earlier today, Bandai Namco shared some of the latest changes and improvements they’ve made on God Eater 3 in its latest build.



The biggest change comes from the Custom Bullets system which will be different in God Eater 3. Unlike past titles that used OP (Oracle Points) for ammo, this time they’ll have ammo count. The more powerful the Custom Bullet is, the more costly it’ll cost and they’ll also be more limited in count.


Some of the main improvements since the previous beta was the camerawork. This includes new options for camera adjustments including its distance and its controls, the lock-on button from R3 to holding down L1. Some adjustments were made to stabilize the camera as well including the way it acts around walls which was one of the main complaints from testers of the previous build.


One of the complaints was about all the effects from attacks, so Bandai Namco toned it down a bit to make it easier to see. They’ve added some minor changes such as characters looking tired when low on stamina. The UI has been improved in various ways to make it easier to see when party members get KO’d, to get a better look at the stamina bar, and other menu-based interface such as the item palette and other seeing Accelerator Trigger conditions.


Bandai Namco also made some adjustments for the God Arc actions with a lot of visual changes that makes it easier to read and see hits better. Armor will also affect the stamina consumption for diving. Several Biting Edge functions have also been added or improved to give it a smoother flow.


Lastly, the Ray Gun has also been improved with an added lock-on function and improvements for camera movement with the weapon. Several other minor adjustments have been made to God Arc weapons.


Fans will get to check out more of God Eater 3 in an upcoming special event with the developers on September 2, 2018.


God Eater 3 is in development for PlayStation 4 and PC. Bandai Namco also touched up on whether Code Vein’s delay will have anything to do with the development of God Eater 3, which you can read up on in our previous report.

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