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God Eater 3 Introduces New 8-Man Assault Missions, Demo Coming October 20-21 In Japan



During a God Eater 3 broadcast today, Bandai Namco introduced a new multiplayer feature called “Assault Missions” that’ll have eight players team up to take down a powerful foe. [Thanks, Gamestalk.]


You can check out the Assault Missions at around the 21:28 mark in the above video. In this mode you’ll have eight players matched at random and when there’s not enough players you’ll get NPCs to fill in. Players are given five minutes to take on the powerful enemy, and while it is quite tough, you’ll still get rewards even for failing the mission.


The new “Action Demo” will also let players try out Assault Missions on October 20-21 in Japan.



We also got a look at the cover art for God Eater 3, which is featured in the top image as well.


God Eater 3 releases in Japan on December 13, 2018 for PlayStation 4. It’ll release in the West for PS4 and PC in 2019. Check out its opening animation by Ufotable here, and info on its new characters Hilda Enriquez and Amy Chrysanthemum here.

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