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God Eater 3 Introduces The Mobile Caravan Chrysanthemum


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Bandai Namco recently went in-depth about the mobile caravan ‘Chrysanthemum’, which is one of the only safe ways to traverse the Ashlands. They also introduced Hilda Enriquez and Amy Chrysanthemum, the operators of the caravan that the protagonist and Hugo meet.



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Amidst the expanding Ashlands, Caravans were developed quickly in order to have a safe method of transporting materials and supplies across ports. In the world of God Eater 3, Caravans stand as the only remaining lifeline for the human race at large. For these mobile fortresses, it is common to name the ship after its home port.


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The Pennywort port Adaptive God Eaters, including the protagonist and Hugo, are out on a mission one day when an “Ash Tempest” occurs near Pennywort. With imminent destruction all but guaranteed, the protagonist’s group panics over how to save the people left behind, when they suddenly receive a message from a caravan, asking them to hunt an Aragami. As they accept this mission, the gears of fate begin to turn.


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The caravan that appeared in front of the protagonist was the Chrysanthemum, a freighter caravan that excelled in speed, but had little-to-no troops and barely any combat ability.


New Characters

Hilda Enriquez (CV: Umeka Shouji)

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The owner of the Chrysanthemum, who also runs the port of the same name, focusing on transporting goods and pioneering new routes across the Ashlands. During a mission commissioned by Gleipnir, they happen upon the protagonist and the others, just as Pennywort is about to be wiped out by an Ash Tempest.


Amy Chrysanthemum

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The mission operator of the Chrysanthemum. She handles missions, combat management, communication with other caravans and ports, the database, and more.


Mysterious Girl

mysterious girl


A young girl who seems to be a key character in this story. There is a mysterious horned being in the background, and she seems to be wearing clothes of a foreign nature. How will this girl be involved with the story?


God Eater 3 releases in Japan on December 13, 2018 for PlayStation 4. It’ll release in the West for PS4 and PC in 2019. You can check out a bit of the opening animation in our previous report here.

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