God Eater Celebrates 10th Anniversary Today With a Special Trailer


Today, February 4, 2020, is the 10th anniversary of the God Eater series. Bandai Namco shared a commemorative trailer looking back at footage and key characters from the series.

The God Eater 10th anniversary trailer highlights the characters from the special illustration with Soma Schicksal, Alisa Illinichina Amiella, Julius Visconti, Ciel Alençon, Hugo Pennywort, and Claire Victorious. It also features last-minute additions Shio and Phym.

The 10th anniversary trailer shows footage from all the games we’ve seen from the series in the past ten years. Below are the titles released so far in Japan:

  • [2010] God Eater (PSP)
  • [2010] God Eater Burst (PSP)
  • [2010] God Eater Mobile (i-MOde/EZWeb/Yahoo! Keitai)
  • [2013] God Eater 2 (PS Vita/PSP)
  • [2015] God Eater 2: Rage Burst (PS4/PS Vita)
  • [2015] God Eater Resurrection (PS4/PS Vita)
  • [2017] God Eater Online (Android/iOS)
  • [2018] God Eater: Resonant Ops  (Android/iOS)
  • [2018] God Eater 3 (PS4)

Additionally, Bandai Namco has various events planned for the event. This includes a currently-ongoing one in Akihabara with a special talk show set for February 11, 2020.

The very first God Eater released for PlayStation Portable in Japan on February 4, 2010. Its enhanced re-release, God Eater Burst, brought expanded story elements and gameplay mechanics a few months later in Japan in October 2010. This would be the first version localized in the West as “Gods Eater Burst” by D3 Publisher. Bandai Namco would go on to remove the -s to match the Japanese name.

God Eater 3 is the series’ latest entry. It first released for PlayStation 4 in Japan in December 2018, followed by a worldwide release for PS4 and PC via Steam in February 2019. The game released for Nintendo Switch in July 2019.

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