God Eater Online Has A Big Focus On Teaming Up With Up To 100 Players On The Same Field



Bandai Namco shared the latest on the development of their upcoming MMO smartphone action game, God Eater Online, in a feature on Famitsu.


First, here’s a Q&A with the developers on the latest of the game.


Q1: Please tell us about its current state of development.

A: It’s at about 70%.


Q2: Around when can we expect it to release?

A: For now we’re working hard on its development!


Q3: When do you plan to release the next information on it?

A: We’re currently introducing unique characters and new information bits at a time on the blog. Please do check out the blog and Twitter for the latest!

God Eater Online’s official website here.

God Eater Online’s official Twitter here.


Q4: What is the main attraction about God Eater Online?

A: It is an array of first challenges for God Eater being its first on smartphone and also first MMO. Of everything, its biggest charming point is being able to fight “together as one” with up to 100 other friends in an MMO space.


In the MMO space, you’ll get to fight against Aragami that spawn in real-time. Players that send out rescue requests will get to team up to take them out with other players that accept the request, and there will be communication features that let you keep playing together after that. It’s a charm that we haven’t had in God Eater up until now. From there, you can fight against Aragami to farm necessary materials to upgrade God Arcs for the players, level up together, and basically freely enjoy any play style together.


Q5: Please share a message for the fans looking forward to God Eater Online.

A: We’d like to thank those of you who played the beta version! And we apologize to the iOS-users who didn’t get to play since it was Android-only this time. We’re all zealously working hard to be able to bring you guys the game as soon as possible. Please look forward to its service launch!




As previously mentioned, the main attraction of God Eater Online is being able to play with up to 100 players. With a mass of players gathering together on a single field, you’ll get to hunt down the Aragami by teaming up. If you find an incapacitated player you don’t know, you can use the Link-Aid to help them up.



The game is set in a world that takes place several years after the events of God Eater 2: Rage Burst. It takes place in a new “Himalayas Branch” where God Arc-wielding players will take on the role of “God Eaters” and take on the ferocious living entities known as the “Aragami.”


In the game, we’ll meet numerous unique and original characters for God Eater Online as its story unfolds.



There are various actions that come with the many God Arcs. Using Steps, Jumps, and more, you’ll get to pull off flashy combos, and enjoy the depth of its battles that also include super powerful special actions.


God Eater Online is in development for iPhone and Android. We can expect to learn more about God Eater Online as well as the team’s new console project for the series this year.

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