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God Wars Celebrates Its 3rd Anniversary With a Main Theme Remix

God Wars

Surprise! Kadokawa Games’ surprise hit strategy RPG featuring Japanese mythical figures, God Wars, is now three years old. To celebrate this fact, Kadokawa Games released a new version of the game’s main theme, which is sung by Fuyumi Sakamoto.

Check it out below:

God Wars has been a surprise success for Kadokawa Games, to the point where 300,000 copies have shipped since the first game’s release in 2017. The first game, Future Past, originally appeared on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita; the game later got an expanded re-release that added a new story section and a new character in The Complete Legend. In 2020, the game came to PCs via Steam.

Director Yoshimi Yasuda also talked about the God Wars 2, announced in 2018 with no news since, in a tweet today:

“Good morning! I’ve heard many fans ask when the sequel is coming out… I’m very sorry.

There has been no problems with development, and one of the main scenarios is already complete, but beginning with the game platforms, we’ve needed to reassess several things… Please wait a while longer…!!!”

God Wars: The Complete Legend is available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. God Wars 2 is in development.

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