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God Of War’s First Trailer Stars Kratos And His Son



Sony’s E3 2016 press conference began with a familiar face. Kratos has returned with God of War. Bear McCreary,known for his work composing soundtracks for Battlestar Galactica and The Walking Dead, began the event with an original song performed by an orchestra. This lead into the new Santa Monica Studio trailer for God of War.


The trailer began with a young boy playing with toys. He’s called inside the shack. An unseen figure told the boy to grab his mother’s knife, that it belongs to him now. He then asked if his other taught him how to hunt, and steps into the light. It’s Kratos. The two go into the woods, with an on-screen note saying, “Knowledge gained, tracking +25”


A troll then attacked the two. Kratos fought him, with Spartan Rage available. It’s also notable that the troll makes mention of Valhalla during the fight, and the boy refers to Kratos as “father.” Kratos tells the boy to finish the troll, but the boy misses and hits Kratos instead. The two continue after the deer. The hunt ended with a dragon flying overhead and the title, God of War.

God of War will come to the PlayStation 4.

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