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God Wars: Future Past Goes Over Its Job System


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God Wars: Future Past, like many strategic-RPGs, has a job system. Each of the characters in your party will have three different jobs at a time. The Unique Job is their personal class. This is one that can not be changed, which means its skills will always be there to use and upgrade. They will also have Main and Sub Jobs which can be changed.


The God Wars: Future Past Main and Sub Jobs fall into certain groups. The Main job determines stats and stat growth, what weapons and armor a character can use, and skills, while Sub Jobs only allow access to extra skills. The three beginner jobs are Warrior, Priest, and Magician, offering physical attacks, support, and magical attacks. Each one can branch off to intermediate and advanced jobs when you raise job levels and meet requirements. So a Warrior can become a Samurai or Archer. A Samurai can then become a Herculean or Daredevil, while an Archer could be a Daredevil or Hunter. Priests can be Monks or Shintoist. Monks can become Barrierists or Shinobis, while a Shintoist can become a Barrierist, Maiden (women), or Ritualist (men). Magicians move on to Spiritualists and Incantors, with Spiritualists becoming Celestials or Elementals and Incantors becoming Confucians or Elementals. Each job has distinct passive and active skills.


God Wars: Future Past will come to the PlayStation Vita in Europe on June 16, 2017, followed by a North American release on June 20, 2017 and Japanese debut on June 22, 2017.

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