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God Wars: Future Past Heads Westward In 2017


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NIS America is bringing Kadokawa Games’ God Wars: Future Past to the west. The strategic RPG will arrive on PlayStation 4s and PlayStation Vitas in both North America and Europe in early 2017. Both digital and physical versions will be available.


Thirteen years before the events of God Wars: Future Past, Kaguya’s mother, Queen Tsukuyomi, attempted to stop a series of disasters in the country of Mizuho by sacrificing her daughter, Princess Sakuya, to Mount Fuji. She then placed her other daughter, Kaguya, in a bamboo seal as a possible future sacrifice. Fortunately, Kintaro finds Kaguya just after the game begins. The two head off together, determined to learn more about the Fuji, Hyuga, and Izumo nations fighting over the country and Queen Tsukuyomi’s reasons for offering up her daughters. As the duo travels across the land, they’ll be able to build up an army of soldiers that can take on over 30 jobs, learn over 400 skills, and wield over 250 weapons.


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God Wars: Future Past will come to Japanese PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2016. It’s exact Japanese release date will be announced during the 2016 Tokyo Game Show.

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