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Godly Prison Tower: Mary Skelter Introduces Princess Kaguya And Rapunzel



In Compile Heart’s upcoming PS Vita dungeon crawler, you’ll work your way out of a “living prison” with the help of the “Blood-Type Girls” based on fairy tale characters. The official website gives introduces us to Princess Kaguya and Rapunzel.


Here’s the outline of the game’s story and how it starts out:




“Jail” is a prison that’s a living entity. The young man named Jack and his childhood friend Alice have continued living in there, severely being tortured as prisoners without knowing why, by the strange prison guards known as the Merchen.


With each day testing their sanity, the two continued living on by comforting each other and promising to escape one day.


As if their oath was being laughed at, their punishments intensified each day. However, just as Jack and Alice reached their mental and physical limits and were about to give everything up one day, a girl with a giant pair of scissors covered in pink blood appeared.


“I’m here to scout you!”


Following is a look at two recently introduced characters.


Princess Kaguya/Kaguyahime (CV: ???)


Princess Kaguya tends to stay shut in her room, and won’t even try to fight unless her requirements are met. She’s the ultimate lazy character who even rides on her vehicle called “Bamboo No. 1” while fighting, and you’ll rarely ever see her move her body on her own.


When she first meets Jack, she sees him as someone who can fetch things for her, but after going through some hardships together, she slowly starts to open up to him.


They say that she may or may not but out the “Seven Tools of Slacker” that’s hidden in the hem of her dress.


Rapunzel (CV: ???)


Rapunzel is the youngest girl, characterized by her super long blond hair. She first mistakes Jack as some sort of emergency ration and tries to chew on him, but after Jack plays with her and feeds her, she gradually takes onto him.


Rapunzel likes to sleep on Nemurihime/Sleeping Beauty’s chest, and can often be seen napping together with her.


Godly Prison Tower: Mary Skelter will release in Japan on October 13, 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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