God’s Gift – A Puzzle Game Of Leading Cultists To Be Devoured By Dark Gods



God’s Gift may be inspired by Lemmings, but players will not be saving the tiny wards under their care. Instead, they’ll be leading their cute cultists toward the gaping maws of hungry, ancient gods.




Players will lead the flock of cultists around with a larger creature, leading them all to the open mouth of a giant horror at the end of each stage. The cultists will do their best to follow it, but the player may have to stay close at times so they can keep up.




Along the way, players will find shrines. If they sacrifice a cultist at one, they will gain access to transformations for their cultists that will let them dig through walls or gain other powers that will help them complete the stage.




God’s Gift is currently raising Greenlight votes for a Steam release. A demo is available on

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