Godzilla Destruction Will Shut Down in January 2022

Godzilla Destruction

TOHO Games announced that it will shut down Godzilla Destruction on January 31, 2022, at noon JST (January 30, 2022, 10 PM ET). This title will be the first out of three Godzilla mobile games to have its server shut down.

Godzilla Destruction is a mobile action game where the player controls the eponymous kaiju monster to wreak havoc in cities around the globe. While the game’s main objective is to crush all buildings in the city, Godzilla also has to deal with the defending military and kaiju rivals. Destroying these enemies will let Godzilla collect experience to level up and improve its skills. The player can also use items obtained from clearing stages to spin the gacha and collect more monsters and upgrade items.

This game launched simultaneously worldwide on April 27, 2021. When it shuts down at the end of January 2022, it will have lasted for only nine months.

TOHO Games revealed Godzilla Destruction as one of the three mobile games based on the movie franchise. The other two titles are the real-time strategy game Godzilla Battle Line and the kaiju-raising and racing simulation game Run Godzilla. The publisher launched all three titles in all regions worldwide. As of this writing, Run Godzilla and Battle Line are still undergoing active service without any announcements of closures.

Godzilla Destruction is available worldwide on Android and iOS mobile devices until January 2022.

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