godz I have a soft spot for kaiju so when I heard about the idea of making another fighting game with giant monsters my eyes lit up. The lead developer, Simon Strange, worked at Pipeworks studios on Rampage: World Tour and the Godzilla games Atari used to publish.


He and the new team at Sunstone Games wants to create Kaiju Combat, but is asking fans to pledge $350,000 to get it started. It looks like some of this money is going to go into licensing since Strange writes he will need at least $450,000 to get a license from Toho to add 30 "film-perfect monsters" into the game.


Alright, we get it licensing is expensive, but some of the "rewards" don’t feel like they add up with $1 getting users a thank you and $5 is just a pass to access to the forums. It’s also unclear what kind of game Sunstone hopes to make since there aren’t any screenshots or videos. I guess we have to use our imagination or assume it’s going to be something like Godzilla Unleashed (pictured). It also seems like Strange increased the price of rewards since a "free game" was supposed to be $15. According to the Kickstarter page, a copy of Kaiju Battle costs $20 now.

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