Goliath Will Have You Fight Gigantic Monsters In Your Own Custom Robots



Publisher Viva Media and developer Whalebox Studio has announced Goliath with the first details and pre-alpha trailer. It will be heading to Windows, Mac, and Linux in winter 2016.


Goliath has you trying to survive in a procedurally generated land inhabited by giant monsters. This land is also home to a number of different factions that battle for power and who all fear the huge monsters that roam the wild lands.


The idea is for you to collect wood, stone, metal and other unique materials found around the world to craft your own Goliaths. First of all you’ll have to learn how to craft these mechanical suits but will eventually be able to customize them with better protection and weapons.



As you explore swamps, frozen tundras, and prairies you should find the four factions scattered throughout the world. “These factions include humans, the sentient robotic beings The Created, the demon-like Daemonari, and the elusive Forest Folk,” revealed Whalebox Studio. You can choose which faction to join, and by advancing through the ranks you’ll learn about new recipes specific to that faction that’ll inform your Goliath designs.


Not only will you have to battle the gigantic monsters, there are the opposing factions to deal with, as well as weather conditions that can affect battles. And if that’s not enough then you can also face other online players in the arena combat. Alternately, you can play through Goliath’s campaign with a friend in co-op.


More information about Goliath will be added to its website soon.

Chris Priestman