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The Good Life Reaches Kickstarter Goal, Adds Nintendo Switch Stretch Goal


the good life

SWERY’s Kickstarter campaign for The Good Life passed the initial goal of USD $620,000 yesterday, and it was announced that the Kickstarter campaign will have one big stretch goal – a Nintendo Switch port.


the good life 2


The reason for the Nintendo Switch port goal was due to many people who were asking about it in particular. SWERY and White Owls Inc. explained that the reason there was only one stretch goal was so that they could focus on the base game without “trying to hit a moving target”. They will also not be choosing to run a late backers campaign either.


If the Nintendo Switch stretch goal is not met, any additional funds above the original goal will instead be used for additional content in the base game, like more music, more seasonal events, more part-time jobs, etc.


the good life 3


BackerKit will also be used by the team to manage pledges for The Good Life after the campaign. Kickstarter backers will be able to purchase additional items from the campaign using BackerKit, including:

  • The Good Life T-Shirt. $40
  • The Good Life Hoodie. $95
  • The Good Life Mug. $20
  • Digital Copy of the game on PC. $30
  • Digital Copy of the game on PS4. $40


100% of the money from people who want to get more stuff (which all come from the higher Backer pledges) will go to extra content in the game. SWERY noted that this is just for people who decided they want some of the extra things, at a price that is fair towards the people who backed higher originally.


The Good Life succeeded in receiving funds last night, and will be made for PlayStation 4 and PC, with an additional Nintendo Switch version if the stretch goal is met. The game has an estimated November 2019 release date.

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