Good Smile Company Smile Fest Will Be Its First In-Person US Event

Good Smile Company Smile Fest

Good Smile Company announced that it is holding its first in-person event in the United States, Smile Fest, on August 22, 2021. The event will also celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary. Smile Fest, an outdoor festival held in Stanton, California, will include special events. These include a stamp rally, cosplay contest, and spin-to-win figure prizes.

The event will be held at the Rodeo 39 Public Market, which also features various restaurants and shops. Prospective visitors can register for free via the Eventbrite booking page, which will be open until the day of the event.

During Smile Fest, some shops will be participating in a Stamp Rally in which visitors can earn stamps through purchases. These stamps can then be redeemed for special Smile Fest merchandise. Furthermore, Good Smile Company will also hold a cosplay contest during the festival. Those who enter the competition will also have a chance to win Good Smile Company figures.

Otherwise, visitors can also purchase a $5 ticket to enter a “spin-to-win” game for a chance to win various figures. While further details about what type of figures will be available have not been announced, Good Smile Company states that it will announce how to get the exclusive merchandise at a later date.

Good Smile Company will hold Smile Fest at Rodeo 39 Public Market on August 22, 2021, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tickets for the event are immediately available on Eventbrite.

Andrew Kiya
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