Google Establishes Its Own First Party Studio, Stadia Games and Entertainment



In addition to revealing its new streaming platform, Stadia, at GDC 2019 Google announced that it formed its very own first party studio that will work on bringing exclusive content to Stadia.



Google has already shipped Stadia development hardware to over 100 studios around the world and over 1,000 creatives & engineers are working for the new platform. In addition to partnering big and small developers, Stadia Games and Entertainment was established as a first party studio for the platform.



The studio is led by Jade Raymond, who was previously an executive and producer at Ubisoft. Raymond announced during the press conference that as the head of the studio, she will not only be bringing first-party game studios to “reimagine the new generation of games,” but the team will also work with external developers to make all the technology available to partner studios, big and small.


“We’re committed to going down the bold path, learning what is working best, and sharing key tools and tech so that we can take games to the next level, together,” said Jade Raymond during the presentation. “The way I see it, there has never been a more exciting time to be a developer. And Stadia will be a driving force defining the future of games and entertainment. “


Stadia launches in 2019.

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