Gorge Is A Cute, Weird “Food Horror” RPG



Food isn’t usually a source of horror but it is in Gorge. This peculiar RPG follows a young girl called Etoile who gets trapped in a food-obsessed version of her hometown. It’s currently on Kickstarter.


All of the dungeons that you travel through in Gorge are themed around food. You start off in a rotting bakery, the move to a creepy grocer, before encountering a maze-like bar, and so on.


In each of these you’ll have to fight to survive by solving puzzles, running away and hiding from monsters, and exploring the labyrinthine interiors as they shift and change around you. No surprise that Gorge is inspired by Ib, Ao Oni, and The Witch’s House.


As you progress through Gorge, you and Etoile will slowly figure out how she was initially hit by this strange food-based dark world and how to get her rid of this curse.


Cecilia Bishton is developing Gorge by herself and she reckons about quarter of the game is complete at the moment. She predicts the finished game will last about four hours.


She’s currently looking for $4,000 on Kickstarter so she can realize the game in full without cutting any planned features. Some the money will also go towards creating an original soundtrack as well as merchandise.


You can get a copy of Gorge for PC on the Kickstarter for $10. It should be released around December 2015. Check out the game’s website for more details.

Chris Priestman