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Gorou and Yae Host Genshin Impact Inazuma Tourism Video

genshin impact inazuma tourism

The Japanese YouTube channel for Genshin Impact released a tourism video introducing the various locales of Inazuma. Gorou and Yae (with Tasuku Hatanaka and Ayane Sakura providing the respective voices) provide details in-character. The video is almost ten minutes long, and it does not have any subtitles.

Here is the Inazuma tourism video for Genshin Impact:

The characters give their thoughts on Inazuma’s future based on the different locales. They also teach the viewer about the region’s history and lore. For example, when discussing Ritou, Gorou mentions that he is excited about what sort of place will Inazuma become now that the Sakoku Decree is over. As well, when he introduces Kannazuka, he explains the meaning of the name. Gorou and Yae do not interact in the video, as Gorou flees when he arrives at Narukami Shrine and senses her.

In June 2021, Kaeya and Klee discussed the locations and history of Mondstadt in a similar fashion as the Gorou and Yae one for Inazuma. Kaeya and Klee also did not have any interactions with each other in their video. In their case, it was because Klee could not enter Angel’s Share, and Kaeya started his segment there.

Genshin Impact is available on the PS4, PS5, and Windows PC, as well as on Android and iOS devices. Version 2.7 will be delayed until an unknown date, with Hoyoverse providing items such as Primogems and Fragile Resin as compensation.

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