Gotta Protectors’ Developer’s Blazing Rangers Is Heading to the NES


Karu_gamo, a developer who worked on Ancient games like Protect Me Knight and Gotta Protectors, has a new NES and Famicom game on the way. In Summer 2021, people will be able to pick up standard and limited edition copies of Blazing Rangers. People will be able to choose which region’s cartridge and box art options they would like when pre-orders open on January 30, 2021.

In Blazing Rangers, players follow fire fighters named Popo and Mimi. A building filled with children is on fire, and you have to extinguish the flames to reach them. There are both single player and two-player co-op options available.

Here’s a video showing what firefighting looks like in the game.

The basic version of Blazing Rangers will cost €54.99 (~$67). This will give people the game on a Famicom or NES cart, an instruction manual, and a coin with Popo on it. The Collector’s Edition will be €79,99 (~$97) and available in Japanese, European, and US versions. While the styles for all three will be different, each one will include an A2 poster, acrylic straps of Popo and Mimi, an eraser that looks like a cartridge, a coin with a monster on it, a soundtrack CD, and the game.

The €169,99 (~$206) Super Collector’s Edition is the biggest bundle. Like the others, it is available in Japanese, European, and US variants. Everything from the Collector’s Edition is there, though you also get three coins with three characters, a second eraser, a limited edition version of the game cartridge, a fake fire extinguisher, and a mystery item.

Blazing Rangers will appear on NES and Famicom carts in Summer 2021.

Jenni Lada
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