Granblue Fantasy Event for New Year’s Focuses on Robomi and Mechs

Granblue Fantasy Event Robomi Nicholas

Cygames announced a new Granblue Fantasy event, “Robomi: The Greatest Fight in History – God Gigantes VS. Zooey, Arbitrator of the Skies.” As usual, players can get their hands on plenty of exclusive skins, gacha pulls, and items; we have translated the full summary below (Thanks, Gamebiz and Dengeki!). The in-game event will start at 7 PM on December 28, 2020 (JST), running through January 7, 2021, ending just before 5 PM (JST).

Those who complete the new Granblue Fantasy event will receive an event-exclusive skin for Nicholas. Players can also cooperate with others to take down powerful bosses in multi-battles. Up to 30 players can participate in these battles, so there’s no worry if you can’t defeat a boss on your own. Additionally, there will be SS rare equipment limited to the event. Players can enjoy event-specific gacha, limited-edition summons, limited-edition weapons, materials, and items. Of course, there are daily missions to participate in, as well. Players will get rewards like battle coins and legendary gacha tickets for tackling these. And for players looking for a real challenge, those who are rank 101 or higher can participate in “High Level” multi-battles. There will be five difficulty levels (Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Extreme, and Proud), and players will receive an extra bonus for beating each for the first time. However, to tackle the Proud difficulty, players will need to rank 151 or higher.

Below are photos of the main characters in Robomi’s Granblue Fantasy event.

Cygames actually teased this event earlier in December 2020, with the music video for “The Song of Robomi.” Masami Obari (who worked on Gravion, Dangaioh, Bubblegum Crisis, and Gundam Build Fighters) collaborated with Cygames to produce the video.

Granblue Fantasy is currently available on iOS and Android devices and PC via browsers. The event will end on January 7, 2021, just before 5 PM (JST).

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