Granblue Fantasy Kicks Off Its Big Summer Campaign With New Summer-Themed Characters



    Granblue Fantasy just kicked off its ‘Big Summer Surprise Campaign’ that gives players free daily Premium 10-part draws and plenty of other bonuses, just on time for the Premium Gala with new summer characters.


    The Premium Gala started a little earlier, featuring these new summer-themed limited characters:


    Summer Jessica – Earth SSR (CV: Asami Seto)

    Age: 18

    Height: 160cm

    Race: Human

    Hobbies: Gun maintenance, cooking

    Likes: Younger children

    Dislikes: Maps



    Summer Europa – Water SSR (CV: Mai Nakahara)

    Age: Unknown

    Height: Unknown

    Race: Primal

    Hobbies: Going for a walk

    Likes: Tea with Gabriel, beautiful things

    Dislikes: Noisy things, things that aren’t beautiful



    Summer Lancelot & Vane – Earth SR (CV: Yuki Ono, Takuya Eguchi)


    Age: 27

    Height: 179cm

    Race: Human

    Hobbies: Collecting weapons, studying strategies

    Likes: Training

    Dislikes: Cleaning room



    Age: 25

    Height: 182cm

    Race: Human

    Hobbies: Cleaning & washing, housework

    Likes: Meat dishes

    Dislikes: Logical arguments



    Summer Satyr – SSR Fire Summon (CV: Manaka Iwami)



    Here are highlights for the Granblue Summer Gift Campaign:



    Free Daily Premium 10-part Draw


    Free Premium 10-part draws once a day starting now August 1 (5:00am JST) through August 13, 2019 (JST). This resets daily at 5:00am JST, so be sure to get the first few while the Premium Gala is going on.


    Free Daily Premium Draw


    Once the 10-part draws come to end, starting August 13 at 5:00am JST through August 24, 2019 (JST) players will get free single draws every day.


    Daily Bonus Crystals


    From now through August 24 (JST) players will receive 200 extra crystals each day in the daily bonus.


    Campaign-Exclusive Quest


    A campaign-exclusive quest will be available until August 24.


    1.5x RP & EXP, Half AP/EP, more bonuses



    The event also comes with 1.5 times the RP & EXP, half AP/EP event, half AP for Free Quests/Special Quests/Side Stories, half treasure cost for Side Story loot and certain raid battles, and more. You can check the in-game announcement board for the full details.


    Granblue Fantasy is available to play on PC, iOS, and Android.

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