Granblue Fantasy Kicks Off New Year’s Special With Free Daily 10-Part Draws And Plenty Bonuses



With the recent reveals of Granblue Fantasy’s PS4 fighter and action RPG , folks have been trying out the original smartphone game, and now is a good time with its New Year’s Special campaign that just started.


The New Year’s Special campaign started today, December 22, and it will go on until January 5, 2019 at 4:59am JST. Below are the highlights of what players will get for the next couple weeks:


Free Daily 10-Part Draw Roulette


Spin a roulette for a chance to win free 10-part draws each day you log in!

  • You’ll get at least 1×10-part draw, 10×10 at most, by spinning the roulette.
  • Free 10-part draws that you win from the roulette will reset daily at 5 a.m.

Gachapin on standby! Once our green friend is in frenzy, you’ll be able to do free 10-part draws until you get an SSR item! (Max: 300 draws)


About Gachapin Frenzy

Gachapin Frenzy is a special mode that allows you to repetitively do a free 10-part draw until you get an SSR item or perform 30×10-part draws.


How to Trigger Gachapin Frenzy


Gachapin Frenzy will start by either hitting the roulette’s Gachapin area or by filling up the Gachapin meter.


Gachapin Meter


Based on the result of each roulette spin, the meter on the screen’s left-hand side will rise. The fewer draws you get from the roulette, the more the meter rises. (The meter will not rise when you get the 10×10-part draws.)

Once the Gachapin meter is filled up, you can spin a roulette that guarantees Gachapin Frenzy!


  • The roulette’s Gachapin area will expand based on how high the Gachapin meter is.
  • The Gachapin meter will reset once the Gachapin Frenzy starts.
  • You will be able to spin the roulette that guarantees Gachapin Frenzy by accessing the Home screen after drawing all free draws from the daily 10-part roulette.
  • Free draws reset every 5:00am (JST). Unfinished Gachapin Frenzy will end abruptly at that time.
  • Gachapin Frenzy ends when 30×10 part draws are conducted even if no SSR item has appeared.


Get 10×10-part draws at least once!

You’ll get 10×10-part draws on the last day if you haven’t got them yet during this campaign.

Last day: 5:00am, January 4 – 4:59am January 5, 2019 (JST).

  • The odds for the last day will be normal if you have already got the 10×10-part draws once or more during the campaign period.


In addition to a campaign-exclusive quest, there are several bonuses for players to take advantage of during the event:

  • New Year’s Special Daily Bonus that gives players 200 extra crystals in the daily bonus
  • x1.5 more RP and EXP
  • Half AP/EP events
  • Half AP for Free Quests
  • Half AP for Special Quests
  • Special Quest Extravaganza
  • Half treasure cost event
  • Half AP for All co-op quests
  • Get more Renown and Prestige Pendants
  • Boost to Shop Skill event
  • Arcarum Badge Bonus Bash


Again, the New Year’s Special is now live and will be available through January 5, 2019 at 4:59am JST.


Granblue Fantasy is available for PC, iOS, and Android.

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