Granblue Fantasy New Main Story Quest Teased

Granblue Fantasy new story

The first day of Granblue Fantasy FES 2021 kicked off on December 11, 2021, with the staff and cast announcing news such as a new main story chapter. The next main story update is the War of the Ruby Pop. It will go live in Spring 2022. Aside from game news, the 9-hour-long stream included news about upcoming merchandise, as well as performances from the guests.

Granblue Fantasy teased the War of the Ruby Pop at the end of the stream. Though there is little concrete information on what it will entail, it will likely take place on Estalucia. Other key words include the Seven Luminary Knights, execution, and the Blue Liberation Front. The War of the Ruby Pop is a chapter within the Wayfaring Astral story arc.

Other news announced during the Granblue Fantasy stream included news of merchandise that will become available soon. For example, there is a figure of Siegfried in development, with an unpainted Percival prototype teased in the corner. They will also open up pre-orders for rings based on the Society members from mid-December 2021, with a release window of February 2022.

Granblue Fantasy is readily available worldwide on web browsers and mobile devices. The new story, War of the Ruby Pop, will go live in Granblue Fantasy from Spring 2022. Granblue Fantasy is running its Doraemon collaboration event, which will be available until December 20, 2021.

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