Granblue Fantasy Summer 2020 Events Kick Off With Crystals, Daily 10-Part Draws, and Loot for All

Granblue Fantasy Summer 2020 Events

Granblue Fantasy has a lot of surprises in store for Skyfareres in this year’s summer events that just kicked off today (starting 5:00 am JST).

Granblue Fantasy Summer 2020 Events

For starters, Granblue Fantasy Summer Fiesta, which will offer a chance for players to collect points that can be traded for loot. Players can participate in two types of missions to acquire Fiesta Points. The daily missions reset daily at 5:00 am JST. The summer missions are missions that you can challenge throughout the period of the event. By completing missions, players can acquire Fiesta Points used to trade for Crystals, a July Proving Grounds SSR ticket, Premium Draw Tickets, Sunlight Stones, and more. The Summer Fiesta will be available until August 13, 2020 at 4:59 am JST.

Granblue Fantasy Summer 2020 Events

Players will get free Daily 10-Part Draws from now through August 13, 2020 at 4:59 am JST as part of the Granblue Summer Gift Campaign. Afterward, it’ll go into a free Daily Premium Draw (free daily singles) from August 13 to August 24, 2020 at 4:59 am JST. Additionally, from now until the end on August 24, players will also get 200 Crystals as a daily bonus. The usual campaign quests and the 1.5 times more RP/EXP and half AP/EP events will also be available until August 24, 2020.

Granblue Fantasy Summer 2020 Events

Moreover, there will be a “Treasure Rush” opportunity after each Daily 10-Part Draw for the Granblue Summer Giveaway. In this bonus, players will receive nine treasure chests, each containing prizes (as well as empty chests). The content of the chests are random, but they range from the everyday berries to rare weapons like that extra Ixaba you’ve been needing for your fire grid. You might also get lucky with a shiny “Special Chance” chest that contains rarer prizes. Chests will also contain up to 10,000 Crystals for a maximum of 30,000 per player during the event. It is fixed in a way that all players can eventually get the full 30,000 Cryals as long as they participate in the Treasure Rush.

 Granblue Fantasy is available to play on PC, iOS, and Android devices.

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