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Granblue Fantasy Versus Director On Bonuses For GBF, RPG Mode, Considering Character Pass #2



Granblue Fantasy Versus director Tetsuya Fukuhara had plenty to share in a recent interview, where he talked about the “cross-bonuses” for Granblue Fantasy, more on RPG mode and another character pass. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]


Below are highlights from the interview with director Tetsuya Fukuhara:

  • The joint-bonuses for the smartphone version of Granblue Fantasy allows you to get one item per account.


Granblue Fantasy bonuses

The above image shows the bonus items. Players will get to choose one of the following:

  • Gold Brick x1
  • Sunlight Stone x1
  • Sephira Evolite x1
  • Damascus Crystal x10


  • Since this is a bonus that’ll be available through a PlayStation format, it’ll be the first time to have a PlayStation game give out a bonus that’s for an item on smartphones.


  • Once you start up Granblue Fantasy Versus, y ou’ll get to activate the serial code in the game. However, due to authentication issues,  you’ll need to have PS Plus to acquire the bonus.


  • There are plans to release more bonuses after launch.


  • Character Pass #2 is also under consideration.


  • For RPG Mode, you can recruit other players online to be your partner, or you can also use a character you’ve leveled up as a CPU buddy.


  • The game will be available to play 2-players offline.


  • Without skipping, the volume of RPG Mode is about 10 hours long.


Granblue Fantasy Versus releases in Japan on February 6, 2020 for PlayStation 4. The game will release in the West later. Check our previous report to watch some RPG Mode gameplay.

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