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Granblue Fantasy Versus Director Shares The Latest On Its Development And Character Work



It’s been almost a year since director Tetsuya Fukuhara wrote the Director’s Letter Vol. 1 on the Granblue Fantasy official website, and today he finally updated with Vol. 2 where he shared a bit on Granblue Fantasy Versus.


In the section that discuses Granblue Fantasy Versus, Fukuhara says that while you might be wondering about which characters the game will be in, so far what’s been decided on are things such as game balance theories and specific character concepts that has been in the works with discussion between Cygames and Arc System Works.


For example, Katalina is “an easy-to-use character like the protagonist,” but there are others such as “grappler characters” and “speedy multi-hitting type,” and so on.


Lastly, the director shared that new playable characters will be revealed during the Granblue Fantasy 5th Anniversary live stream set for March 10, 2019.


Granblue Fantasy Versus is in development for PlayStation 4. Check our previous report for more info from a previous interview with Fukuhara, and here for a look at its first trailer and screenshots.

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